CryptoFights: Ascension

Official CryptoFights Whitepaper, last updated March 2024

Introduction to CryptoFights: Ascension

CryptoFights: Ascension is a D20 fighting strategy game that seamlessly blends the benefits of web3 and traditional web2 technologies, resulting in a distinctive gaming experience unmatched by other web3 games.

Players create Fighters and use them to fight in the Dungeons against Non-Player Enemies or enter the Battlegrounds to play against other players for rewards. They level up and choose diverse leveling paths known as Ascensions, collect components to craft weapons, trade items, and earn ERC20 Token by staking portal fragments - a scarce in-game commodity.

In short, CryptoFights provides diverse gameplay experiences catering to various player preferences: from employing complex strategies and tactics to outwit opponents in PVP, to casually farming PVE for components and gear, to endgame fragment staking — all in an ecosystem where players can truly own and trade the entities therein, without the friction seen in other systems.

Our Vision: Enhancing the Gaming Experience with Web2 and Web3 Technologies

On April 10th, 2022, the original CryptoFights also known as CF1 achieved a staggering 10M+ peak daily on-chain transactions using Bitcoin, a proof-of-work blockchain, more than the entire Ethereum blockchain combined. This event was key in proving the efficacy and capabilities of the UTXO model for layer one gameplay.

Since making this technical achievement, we realized players prioritize seamless gaming experiences over on-chain semi-trustless gameplay. We have shifted our focus to a hybrid web2+web3 model, where the benefits of web3 are integrated into traditional web2 gaming. Game items are now more portable than ever and players maintain ownership and control over their in-game assets while maintaining the UX of a regular web2 game.

Enter FYX Gateway

We achieve this item portability and blockchain interoperability by the FYX Gateway, a separate product where players can interact with their in-game items, converting them to the blockchain of their choice, with fees paid in-game currency, giving free-to-play players web2 players an entry-point to the world of blockchain.

The FYX Gateway offers authentication, a marketplace, portfolio management, and the ability to convert any in-game entity into a token on the blockchain. It works for Cryptofights and for any other game that wants to integrate with the FYX Gateway. Our vision is to extend the ecosystem, we are actively reaching out to studios that want to expose their players to market-making opportunities on web3 without working out tightly coupled, chain-specific solutions.

Gameplay Incentives

Over the last year, aside from re-writing our backend from scratch, and validating that we can run over 1M concurrent battles, and a myriad more of other improvements, we have implemented several incentives:

  • A voucher system for redeemable airdrops on the gateway

  • Chance for players to get rewards for free - without having to spend in-game currency - 3x a day

  • Weekly tournaments with increased drops

  • Extended the size in-game inventory and the Fighter Roster x5

  • Added the ability to dismantle items into raw components

However, we don't want to stop there; we want to realize our vision for what a game economy should be, and we are developing:

  • An ERC20 CFS Token dispersal mechanism based on Portal Fragment Staking

  • Item Crafting and Enchanting

  • Improved Leaderboard Rewards

⚠ Disclaimer: This whitepaper is subject to change at any time.

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