FYX Gateway

So far, our focus has been on CryptoFights, and along the way, we've briefly touched upon the FYX Gateway. It's time now to take a closer look, with a more comprehensive dive into the vision for the gateway and its integral role in our ecosystem of games.

The FYX Gateway is a platform that bridges traditional gaming with the dynamic possibilities of web3, transforming how players interact with digital assets and how developers craft gaming experiences. Here's how:

Simplified Access and Account Abstraction: The FYX Gateway facilitates player onboarding and account management. Familiar OAuth protocols, such as Google, enable easy access to games. This approach abstracts the complexities of Web3, allowing players to link game accounts effortlessly and use the in-game currency for transactions, bypassing the need for external crypto wallets like Metamask.

Transitioning Gamers into the Web3 Sphere: The gateway excels in making the web3 gaming landscape approachable. It achieves this by focusing on the user experience, keeping gamers insulated from the direct intricacies of web3. Players often engage with digital assets and partake in the web3 economy - trading NFTs on open markets - without realizing the underlying blockchain technology. This strategy ensures a smooth transition, retaining the game's core experience while subtly introducing players to web3 functionalities.

Digital Asset Conversion: The FYX Gateway has a unique feature that allows players to convert in-game items into NFTs, giving them real ownership of their digital assets. Through the FYX Gateway, you can trade digital assets within the game's marketplace or on other platforms like OpenSea, giving you greater control and flexibility. Your game assets are no longer limited to a single game environment - they can be taken with you wherever you go. Game studios can set specific rules for the gateway regarding their game items, enabling item conversion and minting. Players have the freedom to convert items to their preferred blockchain. Importantly, this system allows digital assets to be transformed into NFTs and then reverted to their original in-game state, creating a bridge between different worlds.

Quests, Vouchers, and Game Incentives: The gateway integrates with game economies, enabling the generation of vouchers and quests. This is powered by a rule engine and an analytics system that rewards players with redeemable items. Here, the FYX Gateway allows game studios to customize their economic models, whether by emphasizing cosmetic items or providing gameplay advantages through loot boxes.

Store Direct Purchases: The platform supports direct fiat or crypto transactions, simplifying the purchase process for in-game items and premium currencies. Studios now have these payment options as an opt-in feature for in-app purchases.

Royalties and Marketplace: The gateway's standout aspect is its built-in marketplace, which offers studios the ability to secure royalties from transactions. Ultimately, however, players retain the freedom to engage with external markets, where the enforcement of royalties may vary.

Premium Currency Valuation and Token Minting: Studios opting into premium currency features can allow players to convert currencies like gems into tokens, participating in reward pools. This adds value to the in-game economy and enhances the currency's utility beyond the game itself. The token can also be leveraged within the Quest and Voucher system to enhance its utility in the game.

Discoverability Platform for Studios: Finally, the FYX Gateway acts as a discoverability platform, showcasing games while creating market opportunities for players and offering studios a strategic avenue for user acquisition.

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