📜 Purpose

Recipes are the backbone of the crafting system, dictating the components needed for creating weapons, armor, and spheres. Obtaining and utilizing recipes enables players to craft specialized gear, offering a pathway to enhanced combat capabilities and strategic depth.

⚙ Mechanic

Players use recipes at the Blacksmith, with success determined by a dice roll, introducing an element of risk and reward to the crafting process.

📃 Blueprint

Blueprints are recipes for crafting weapons and armor. They specify the components needed and determine the item's attributes and quality. Players use Blueprints to tailor their gear for their combat style, crucial for peak battle effectiveness.

📜 Scroll

Scrolls are used for enchanting gear and creating Spheres, magical items that enhance socketed equipment. They offer bonuses like elemental damage and combat advantages. Scrolls are key for customizing and enhancing equipment for both PvE and PvP encounters.

🗝️ Acquisition

Recipes are found through loot drops in ascension paths, encouraging exploration and progression. They can be traded among players, fostering a vibrant community economy.

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