Item Types

In the dynamic realm of CryptoFights, items transcend mere equipment; they anchor both the gameplay and the economy. Spanning a vast item quality range from Poor to Legendary, every item holds the potential to influence the outcome of battles significantly.

⚔️ Item Types

  • Equipment: This category encompasses Weapons and Armor, key to triumph in combat.

  • Components: The raw materials essential for Crafting, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

  • Recipes: The blueprints for Crafting Equipment and Scrolls necessary for Enchanting Spheres, they are the knowledge base for your arsenal’s advancement.

  • Spheres: Magic Crystal-Like Orbs with abilities, buffs and debuffs. Spheres are imbued into weapons and armor to provide permanent effects.

💰 Currency Types

  • Gold - is the lifeblood of CryptoFights. It is used to unlock chests, engage in arena battles, and facilitate crafting and enchanting processes.

  • Fragments - are a premium resource that doubles as currency, powering portals that unlock additional rewards and integrating with real-world currencies.

  • Token - FYX Gaming is developing a pioneering real-world currency that will enrich the CryptoFights universe and the FYX Gateway.

🔄 Item Sinks

To preserve the game's economic balance and enrich the player experience, CryptoFights strategically employs item sinks:

  • Fragments & Tokens: Transforming dismantled items into fragments, this process shifts potential surplus into valuable tokens.

  • Durability: Temporarily suspended to encourage exploration, the durability system is designed to limit item lifespans, safeguarding economic stability.

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