Damage Types

Understanding the intricacies of damage types in CryptoFights can give you a strategic edge, allowing you to tailor your approach to exploit the weaknesses of your adversaries effectively.

⚔️ Mundane Damage Types

  • 🗡️ Slashing: The swift cut of swords, ideal for strength-focused fighters who value direct, high-impact damage.

  • 🏹 Piercing: Precision damage from projectiles and stilettos, demanding dexterity to masterfully bypass enemy defenses.

  • 🔨 Bludgeoning: The crushing force of mauls and staffs, offering a unique approach to combat that can surprise and overwhelm foes.

💫 Extraordinary Damage Types

Elemental Damage

  • 🔥 Fire: Spells and skills of fiery wrath often yield damage peaks surpassing other elements, embodying sheer destructive force.

  • ❄️ Cold: Not just chilling but debilitating, cold effects may hinder an opponent's speed, evasion, or recovery, trading raw power for tactical advantage.

  • ⚡ Lightning: The wild card of elements, lightning boasts potential for devastating critical hits, though its average output may be less consistent than fire.

Non-Elemental Damage

  • 🩸 Poison: A slow, insidious killer, poison damage excels over time, challenging the resilience of even the strongest warriors.

  • 💀 Necrotic: A fearsome force that erodes vitality, making recovery an arduous task and shifting the tide of prolonged encounters.

  • 🛡️ Warfare: Emboldening allies or disheartening foes, warfare damage strengthens your side's resolve while weakening the enemy's.

  • 👁️ Mystic: The enigma of the battlefield, mystic damage leverages the unknown, with effects often hinging on the whims of fate.

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