🔮 Purpose

Spheres serve to profoundly customize and enhance socketed items, granting them new or augmented capabilities. This imbuing process significantly tailors equipment to fit a player’s specific combat strategies, allowing for a deeper level of personalization and strategic planning within the game.

⚙️ Mechanic

Players insert Spheres into socketed gear, permanently enhancing that item with specific attributes or powers. This process, known as Imbuing, is irreversible, making the choice of which Sphere to place into an item a critical decision that directly affects gameplay and strategy.

🎁 Value

The primary benefit of Spheres is the ability to significantly boost an item's performance beyond its base capabilities, providing players with tailored advantages in combat. Depending on the nature of the sphere used, this could range from increased damage output to enhanced defensive properties.

Spheres add both intrinsic and economic value to the game. Intrinsically, they empower players to fine-tune their gear, reinforcing the importance of strategy and preparation in CryptoFights. Economically, the demand for Spheres, combined with their role in crafting and the irreversible nature of imbuing, helps regulate the game’s economy by creating a continuous need for these powerful enhancements.

🎯 Player Journey

Acquiring Spheres involves either crafting them, which requires gathering specific components and possibly trading with other players to obtain, or direct trade through the FYX Gateway.

This process emphasizes the game's community aspect, as players may need to collaborate or engage in the marketplace to gather the necessary components for crafting the Spheres they desire. The crafting system itself encourages exploration and engagement with various game elements, ensuring that the journey to obtaining Spheres is as engaging as it is rewarding.

⚡ Sphere Level Library


Level 1 Spheres are foundational enhancements designed to

  • Damage - add elemental or specific damage types to weapons

  • Resistance - offer resistance against such damage types when applied to armor.


These Spheres are applied to weapons and armor without cooldowns, making them a straightforward enhancement for immediate combat effectiveness.


  • Damage Spheres increase weapon damage output by +1 for specified types (Fire, Cold, Lightning, Poison, Mystic, Warfare).

  • Resistance Spheres enhance armor by providing +2 resistance to elemental damage types, with the exception of Necrotic Resistance (+1) and Elemental Resistance Sphere, which offers +1 resistance to Fire, Cold, and Lightning.

🔮 Sphere Affix Examples Table

NameAffix EffectLevel requirementSockets Required


Stun every 3x turn




DOT Fire




DOT Cold



Flame burst

Burst Fire




Fire Damage



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