Dive into the rich tapestry of abilities and skills in CryptoFights, where your strategic choices shape the battlefield. Here, every decision in crafting your warrior’s abilities is a step toward victory or an opportunity for growth.

💫 Skills

Every Skill is associated with Attributes: Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence. Their effectiveness is determined by their Ability Point Modifiers.

  • Actions: Your arsenal for the heat of battle, like the explosive 'Fireball', ready to be unleashed with a click.

  • Traits: Your silent guardians, offering passive bonuses such as 'Strong', bolstering your might without a word.

  • Talents: Your war chest of skills, like 'Sharpshooter', unlocked together to synergize your path to dominance.

🔗 Skill Relationships

  • Required Skills: Skills that must be learned before learning a particular skill

  • Child Skills: Skills that become accessible once a certain skill is learned

    • Example: Elementalist (Talent): Shock, Burn, Chill

  • Sacrificial Skills: Skills that must be sacrificed in order to learn a new skill

  • Superseded Skills: Skills that become "improved" versions of previously learned skills

❌ Inaccessible Skills

Certain skills cannot be accessed directly, such as "Improved Power Attack" which requires learning "Power Attack"

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