Delve deep into the heart of CryptoFights' armory, where your gear transcends mere equipment to become an integral expression of your fighter's prowess and individuality. The art of selecting the perfect equipment is critical for securing victory in the arena.

🗡️ Types of Equipment

  • Weapons: These crucial items, ranging from devastating swords to strategic staffs, amplify your offensive capabilities, enabling you to strike with precision and power.

  • Armor: Defensive gear, including robust helmets and shields, provides essential protection, fortifying you against incoming attacks.

  • Illusions: Cosmetic enhancements that alter your avatar's appearance, allowing for personal expression on the battlefield without impacting combat efficiency.

⚔️ Equipment Library

Examples of weapons and armor are available in the game.

Battleaxe A mighty weapon designed for crushing enemies on the battlefield.

Bow A ranged weapon that requires skill and dedication to master archery.

Club The simplest of weapons, often used since the early days, sometimes with a spike accessory.

Dagger Specifically designed with a sharp point for stabbing.

Greatsword A large two-handed sword that requires strength and determination to wield.

Mace Similar to a club, but with a heavily spiked head for forceful blows.

Maul A heavy-handed weapon similar to a hammer delivers powerful blows.

Pike A long thrusting pole with a sharp end, not intended for throwing.

Quarterstaff A pole weapon made of hardwood, with various ways to subdue enemies quickly.

Shortsword A one-handed melee weapon, smaller than a longsword but longer than a dagger.

Crossbow A ranged weapon that shoots arrow-like projectiles for piercing enemy lines.

Staff A long stick is used for support, favored by the elderly.

Whip A sturdy strip of leather with a handle, known for its cracking sound and intimidation factor.

Hand Crossbow A one-handed variant of the crossbow, easy to shoot and conceal

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