Craft and Enchant

🔨 Purpose

Crafting and enchanting in CryptoFights offer players the opportunity to forge and enhance equipment, tailoring gear to their strategic needs and unlocking new levels of power and customization.

🌟 Benefits

These systems enable players to create items with unique affixes and enhance them for specific strategies, directly impacting combat effectiveness and versatility.

🛠️ System Overview

Accessible from level 7, players can visit the Blacksmith to craft items using Gold and recipes. The system is intertwined with the game's economy, providing a critical item sink through the use of fragments and the chance-based outcomes of crafting and enchanting attempts.

💰 Economy & Item Sinks

Crafting acts as a core mechanism for controlling item inflation by requiring the dismantling of items for fragments and introducing recipes with limited uses. This not only manages item abundance but also encourages strategic resource management.

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