🌟 Purpose

Fragments are the lifeblood of progression and economic balance in CryptoFights, serving as a pivotal component for crafting and engaging with the game's deeper mechanics. They embody the effort and dedication of players, turning high-level play into tangible rewards.

⚙️ Mechanic & Value

Players obtain Fragments by dismantling powerful items or combining rare components within the crafting system. These Fragments are then used to charge portals, unlocking access to unique rewards and contributing to the game's dynamic economy. This mechanism not only transforms gameplay effort into economic gains, particularly through CFS token rewards, but also ensures a balanced item circulation within the ecosystem, effectively maintaining the game's economic health by controlling inflation.

📈 Economy & Player Journey

Fragments play a critical role in regulating item supply rates, acting as a sophisticated item sink. By converting items into Fragments, and subsequently into CFS tokens, the system counters inflation and maintains the demand for resources, enhancing the overall game experience. This process requires players to engage with the game, from acquiring powerful items to dismantling and crafting. This journey through CryptoFights' extensive content rewards dedication and mastery, guiding players to explore and engage with various game aspects strategically.

🔥 Burning Fragments

Portal Fragments stand at the core of activating portals, a gateway to exclusive in-game rewards. Engaging in the act of burning these Fragments not only activates the portals but also sets the stage for a consistent stream of CFS token rewards. The sustainability of a charged portal is vital, acting as a beacon for ongoing rewards and engagement within the CryptoFights universe.

🔄 Regulating Item Supply Rates

CryptoFights employs Fragments to mitigate inflation, creating a balanced solution that enhances gameplay without sacrificing enjoyment. By transforming items into Fragments, and subsequently into tokens inflationary pressure is moved "outside" the game.

🌱 Attracting Players

The introduction of the Staking Rewards pool offers high returns for active players. As rewards decrease over time, we will consider the possibility of integrating a PvP fee fund to continue incentivizing Portal Charging.

Through these mechanisms—Burning Fragments, Regulating Item Supply Rates, and Attracting Players—CryptoFights crafts a compelling journey for its warriors, intertwining strategy, economy, and community in a dynamic world where every action contributes to both personal progression and the overarching narrative of the game.

🚀 Token Distribution

The Staking Rewards pool, offering high initial returns, serves as an incentive for early participation, gradually evolving to ensure long-term sustainability. We also expect the Token's Utility to go up over time as we progressively include new content that can be redeemed or unlocked by using Tokens.

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