Understanding Coins & Tokens

Players use gold coins in-game to perform actions and receive items as rewards.

Gold coins are virtual currency used only within CryptoFights. Items such as weapons, armor, and illusions can be minted on a blockchain using a separate application (see FYX Gateway).

Players receive some coins upon registration and later in tournaments or as loot drops. Players can also buy coins via IAP in the game and on the gateway for fiat or crypto. This direct-sale shop functionality, which exposes IAP products to other payment methods, is part of the gateway's offering for all games.

Players then use the coins to obtain items. Players without coins face some restrictions but can still have a chance to receive item rewards at least three times a day. Coins can also be utilized within the crafting system. Essentially, coins are a means to acquire items and convert them to NFTs on the gateway - web3 fees are payable in coins. Again, offering in-game currency to pay web3 fees is part of the gateway's offering for studios.

Using coins as a means of payment for blockchain fees enables non-web3 native players to obtain their NFTs without acquiring crypto. This approach generates demand for the in-game currency beyond the game itself, making it an effective user acquisition vehicle.

Once players acquire and collect items, they can trade them on the gateway or export them to use in another open marketplace, such as OpenSea. Studios can specify and earn royalties on market operations, and players can own and trade their items outside the game's ecosystem.

Fragments are a valuable commodity in Cryptofights, representing significant gameplay effort. They can be earned through loot drops in high-level confrontations or special events, dismantling legendary items, and defeating powerful bosses. However, Fragments are currently only distributed in very rare circumstances.

These fragments can be burned to charge portals and unlock rewards.

Portals give out CFS ERC20 Token rewards on a predictable schedule, but they use Fragments as fuel. Each Fragment burned locks a stake on a reward pool to be distributed on a specific reward cycle. Once a cycle ends, staking players equitably share that cycle's reward.

Token Utility

Tokens are central to unlocking transformative gameplay and reward dynamics within CryptoFights, serving multiple functions:

  • Unlocking Content and Competition: Tokens can be exchanged for loot boxes containing legendary items. These items grant access to unique game modes. Players can spend tokens to challenge powerful bosses, crucial for advancing along unique leveling paths, and enter high-stakes tournaments for substantial cash prizes and physical goodies;

  • Empowering Creators: Tokens unlock advanced tools and features for User-Generated Content (UGC), enabling players to design unique weapons and collaborate on the game's world-building;

  • Guiding Development: By donating tokens to a community-driven fund, players highlight which features and updates they want prioritized. This creates a feedback loop that aligns the project's development with community preferences.

It is essential to understand that tokens are designed as a "metagame" feature. They must be redeemed through the FYX Gateway rather than directly spendable within the game. This approach ensures that:

  • Token-related benefits can be extended across all games connected to the Gateway;

  • The system remains accessible and non-disruptive to players unfamiliar with web3 technologies.

This framework of using tokens as both a utility and engagement tool is part of the gateway's offerings for studios, described as "Metagame as a Service." It provides a unified blockchain interface that simplifies integrating these metagame features into games.

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