Collecting Items

Obtain Items in CryptoFights

💰 Loot Drops

Items are obtained through victorious battles and completed encounters, where loot drop tables are tailored to specific battles, ensuring a dynamic acquisition process.

🔨 Crafting

Enhance your arsenal by utilizing components and recipes to craft new equipment, preparing yourself for greater challenges that lie ahead.

💱 Trading

Thriving trade within the FYX Gateway is set to expand with the introduction of in-game direct transfers. This eagerly awaited feature will deepen community ties by enabling players to share their victories and treasures directly.

🌱 New Player Experience

CryptoFights offers newcomers a seamless entry into its vast world. Balanced matches, calibrated by item inventory, alongside a nurturing community, pave the way for a deep dive into strategic complexities.

🎉 Event Rewards

CryptoFights’ special events not only inject excitement into the game but also strategically manage the item economy. These events periodically elevate loot drop rates and introduce exclusive rewards, effectively balancing item circulation and celebrating player success.

🔄 Direct Transfers

Anticipate the introduction of in-game direct transfers, which will allow players to share their victories and treasures directly with one another. This feature will foster stronger community ties and streamline the item acquisition process.

🚀 Future Developments

Stay informed about future updates and expansions as CryptoFights plans to expand its crafting and item enhancement narratives. These developments promise new dimensions of strategy and personalization for every warrior’s arsenal.

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