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Leadership Team

Adam Kling CEO & Founder Adam Kling has over 20 years of experience in coding, creating SAAS products, performance marketing, and software. Since discovering Bitcoin in 2013, Adam realized the limitless potential of blockchain technology and how it could change the world. Adam is a visionary who challenges the normal thinking of the Blockchain world. He is a serial entrepreneur who builds teams pioneering towards the future.

Abel Dantas CTO Software Engineer specialized in designing, developing, and publishing games and game-related software. Over a decade of experience leading game development teams and releasing games. Abel Dantas co-created and designed Cryptofights, leading the game’s development to support the quickly moving machine behind it — FYX Gaming.


Ayre Group A global investment group that funds ground-breaking businesses and technologies. We invest in building ventures in real estate, blockchain technology, media, publishing, health & wellness, and travel & leisure.

Ventek Ventures Ventek Ventures is an investor in over 100 startups and a dozen funds in 25 countries. Where its primary focus is platform businesses that sit at the intersection of the digital and physical world; where there exists a large market with technology tailwinds. It's also the earliest VC to back Soul, one of China's largest social networks that are building its first Social Metaverse.

Board Advisors

Dennis Fong Board Advisor Successful founder & CEO with exits over $1B in gaming, esports, and SaaS. Dennis is also the world champion gamer known as "Thresh" and has been called the "Michael Jordan of video games" by the Wall Street Journal, "King of the Gamers" by the Washington Post, is an Esports Hall of Fame inductee, and recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's first professional gamer.

Ron Chaimowitz Board Advisor Ron Chaimowitz is the co-founder, CEO and chairman of GT Interactive Software, the company that published some of the most popular games on the globe, including Epic Games Unreal Tournament, Doom, Duke Nukem, Deer Hunter and Quake. He knows what it takes to build a strong brand and bring changes to the gaming industry. His strategic experience is what we need to bring FYX to the masses.

Richard Roberts Board Advisor Richard Roberts is the President of Digital Gaming at Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment, was CEO of Slingo Inc, and has led turnaround of company to profitability and successful exit. Created #1 iOS, Android, and Facebook games with over 45m monthly active users.

He is also President and Board Director of Sportech PLC and has successfully launched two iGaming platforms in NJ.

Token Advisors

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