Web2 <-> Web3 Hybrid

Why we went to a hybrid model

Since its inception in 2018, CryptoFights has been at the forefront of web3 gaming by adapting to what our players want. Our approach has been to listen and adjust, improving gameplay and rewards based on feedback and trends. This strategy has helped us reach a stable position, reflecting our ability to evolve with our community and the broader gaming market.

Our early days were characterized by ambitious technological explorations. We explored complex solutions, including the adoption of a UTXO (Bitcoin) model for on-chain game logic and real-time game transactions. This pioneering effort required a vast infrastructure and deep technical expertise.

However, it revealed a fundamental insight: players prioritize the gaming experience over the sophistication of the technology behind it. Despite our technical achievements, including a remarkable milestone of 10 million transactions in a single day, player feedback pointed us towards the essential—reliability, latency, and gameplay fluidity mattered more. This realization steered our focus towards enhancing the core gaming experience, aligning our innovations more closely with what truly resonates with our players.

We took this feedback to heart and acknowledged that a balance between cutting-edge technology and enjoyable gaming experiences was crucial. Gamers wanted the freedom to manage their assets without compromising gameplay, and they were willing to accept inevitable trade-offs in exchange for an optimal experience.

With this in mind, we've combined the best of web2 and web3 to offer players the ultimate gaming experience:

  1. Streamlined Onboarding and Account Abstraction: We've made account creation and login simpler and quicker than ever, with no Metamask or intricate crypto procedures required. You can dive into the action without delay and still reap the benefits of seamless asset ownership and transferability.

  2. High-quality Gameplay: Our games are reliable, fast, and scalable.

  3. Hybrid Web3 Economics: We've combined traditional gaming with blockchain benefits, allowing for an integrated economy where players can easily trade, collect, and speculate on in-game items and currencies.

We believe that the future of gaming lies in harmonizing Web2 and Web3, delivering a superior experience that caters to both traditional gamers and Web3 enthusiasts. Join us as we continue to innovate and redefine the gaming landscape.

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