🔮 Purpose

Enchanting provides a means to further enhance crafted items, imbuing them with powerful effects and attributes. Offers a deep layer of customization, allowing players to fine-tune their gear towards specific combat roles or strategies.

⚙️ Mechanic

Utilizes Scrolls at the Blacksmith, applying magical enhancements to items that can dramatically alter their utility and effectiveness in combat.

🎁 Value

Enchanting provides extrinsic value by allowing players to enhance their items with powerful abilities, directly impacting their effectiveness in combat. This system supports the game's economy by creating a demand for Scrolls and the Gold required for enchantment processes, further mitigating inflation by consuming resources for item enhancement.

🎯 Player Journey

Players must acquire Scrolls through gameplay or trade and have access to enchantable items. The enchanting process introduces a strategic layer to item management, where players must decide which items to enhance based on their combat needs and the potential benefits of the enchantment. Successful enchantments reward players with improved gear, enhancing their competitiveness and personal satisfaction from overcoming the game's challenges.

💡 Enchanting Process

  1. Select a scroll.

  2. Confirm the required components

  3. Enchant the item. The resulting in a Sphere with new abilities, attributes and stats determined by the scroll.

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