Roll to Open

In CryptoFights, the thrill of victory paves the way to fortune through the "Roll to Open" feature. Transforming each triumph into a chance for treasure adds an exhilarating layer of chance post-battle, welcoming warriors to unlock their spoils with the roll of a dice.

🔑 Purpose of Roll to Open

"Roll to Open" combines the exhilaration of battle with the thrill of obtaining rewards. It's designed for both free-to-play enthusiasts and those seeking rewards. This Free-to-Play Funnel allows players to claim daily rewards at no cost. It also provides an alternative way for players, who are hesitant to spend coins, to obtain rewards and progress in the game.

⚙️ Mechanics of Roll to Open

After a victory, fighters are given a chest that requires a d20 roll to unlock. Fighters must roll the Target Number or Higher to unlock the chest. The Difficulty Class (DC) for unlocking a chest is adjusted according to the level of the Questline Boss or PvP encounter, ensuring that rewards correspond to the challenge faced. If the unlock attempt fails, fighters can spend gold for another try or directly break the lock, with the costs appropriately scaled to maintain fairness.

Initially, all chests have similar unlock requirements and potential rewards. However, we plan to introduce a tiered system of chests — Common, Uncommon, and Rare — to improve the game's reward dynamics.

✨ Feature Highlights

  • 3 Free Daily Rolls: Each day, players can enjoy three free rolls, with one free roll per victory. If a fighter wins a match, they can roll once for free. If the roll does not unlock the chest, they can pay a reduced price for a re-roll. (Resets every 24 hours)

  • 3 Roll Rewards: Every three rolls guarantee an open chest. For example, if a fighter uses a free or paid roll and it fails to open the chest, and then pays for a re-roll which also fails, the third attempt is a guaranteed open with Gold. The price to open on the third roll is also reduced compared to opening a chest without rolling. (Resets every Open)

  • Engagement and Retention: The 3 Free Daily Rolls reset every 24 hours to maintain daily excitement, and the 3 Roll Rewards reset every open to maintain guaranteed open rates.

"Roll to Open" weaves the element of chance into the fabric of CryptoFights, making every victory a stepping stone to potentially greater rewards.

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