The leaderboard in CryptoFights is where valor and skill are immortalized. It’s a testament to the prowess of players who dominate PvP battles, offering not just glory but tangible rewards for those who rise to the top.

🎯 Purpose

  • Rewards players for their combat skills and strategic thinking to foster engagement and competition

  • Encourages return players with limited-time leaderboards, event rewards, and Ascension Season-specific items

  • Nurtures a lively community by motivating players to improve and engage more, enhancing the gameplay experience for all involved

🏅 Types of Leaderboards

  • Champions: Celebrates the warriors who clinch the most victories, highlighting the elite of PvP combat.

  • Defenders: Honors the most active gladiators, rewarding engagement and perseverance, win or lose.

  • Event: Shines during special occasions, offering exclusive rewards for various achievements like vanquishing the most bosses during Ascension Seasons.


Rewards typically vary and are divided by rank, usually in groups of ten such as 1-10, 11-20, and so on. These rewards may include Gold or Equipment (like Weapons, Armor, Components, or Recipes). In some instances, rewards must be claimed within a certain timeframe before they expire. In other situations, rewards will stay in the reward tab indefinitely. This system encourages players to come back to the game to claim their rewards and take advantage of event-specific or limited-time items.

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