Status Effects

In the dynamic arena of CryptoFights, status effects wield the power to shift the momentum of battle. Whether enhancing your warrior with formidable buffs or crippling foes with cunning debuffs, mastering these effects can be your key to victory or defeat.

✨ Buffs

  • Inspired: Fighters gain a strategic upper hand, making attacks more likely to hit.

  • Blessed: A divine shield, causing incoming attacks to be less effective.

  • Ethereal: Enhanced agility, turning evasion into an art form.

  • Focused: A sharp mind cuts deeper, doubling intelligence in combat.

  • Poisonous: Every strike carries venom, spreading affliction over time.

  • Meditative: An inner peace that shields against critical hits and flurry attacks.

  • Hidden: Shadows become allies, granting attack advantage and challenging foes to spot you.

🔻 Debuffs

  • Demoralized: Doubt creeps in, making attacks falter.

  • Marked: An unseen target on their back, inviting more hits.

  • Hexed: Dexterity falters, turning agility into clumsiness.

  • Stunned: Frozen in time, losing a turn to act.

  • Taunted: Provoked into recklessness, limiting actions to mere attacks.

🌀 Extraordinary Damage Debuffs

  • Burned: Fire consumes at every turn, dealing ongoing damage.

  • Frozen: Cold seeps deep, potentially weakening resolve or causing harm.

  • Electrocuted: Lightning’s caprice may deal escalating shocks or spare its victim.

  • Poisoned: Toxin tests strength, damaging more severely on failure.

  • Cursed: Necrotic forces drain life, a relentless erosion of vitality.

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