🛠️ Purpose

Crafting allows players to create new items, integrating strategy with the game’s economic and social frameworks. Enables the production of gear with specific attributes and bonuses, essential for customizing strategies and enhancing a player’s combat effectiveness.

⚙️ Mechanic

Items are crafted at the Blacksmith using recipes and components, with outcomes influenced by chance to ensure a balanced approach to item creation.

🎁 Value

Crafting in CryptoFights offers significant intrinsic value by empowering players to create items tailored to their combat strategies, enhancing gameplay diversity and personal achievement. Economically, it acts as an item sink, controlling inflation by requiring the dismantling of existing items for components, thus retaining the value of items within the game's economy.

🎯 Player Journey

To engage in crafting, a fighter must reach level 7 and collect the necessary recipes and components, typically acquired through battles or trading. This journey involves strategic decision-making to manage resources effectively, balancing the risk of item loss through crafting's chance-based outcomes. Crafting also encourages exploration of various ascension paths to obtain unique components, promoting a deeper engagement with the game's world.

💡 Crafting Process

  1. Select a blueprint.

  2. Choose the required equipment type and quality level.

  3. Craft the item. The resulting weapon's sockets and stats are determined by the blueprint.

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