Experience points (XP) are your key to unlocking new heights of power and skill in CryptoFights. Each battle victory against questline bosses and arena players propels your fighter forward, opening up new dimensions of gameplay with every level gained.

Understanding Experience Points (XP)

  • XP is required to Level Up

  • Every victory grants a specific amount of XP

  • Most Levels require multiple victories to fulfill the total amount of XP needed to level up

  • Each Level Up unlocks +1 Ability Point or one New Skill

🏆 The Impact of Leveling Up

When Fighters level up, they fulfill experience requirements and either unlock a new ability point or new skills of their choice, producing the following effects:

  • Ability Points enhance your Attribute Power, improving your combat abilities.

  • Skills broaden your tactical options, offering attack enhancements and strategic buffs and debuffs.

  • Arena Access is provided at level 3, promoting diverse fighter builds for more flexibility against opponents.

  • Matchmaking in the Arena uses experience points, equipment quality, and fighter level to ensure fair fights.

  • Equipment Effectiveness improves as you level up. The effectiveness of weapons and armor increases by applying relevant ability point bonuses or penalties, to either inflict or deflect damage.

  • Equipment Quality & Rating Level Limits may apply. Some weapons and armor may require a specific Fighter Level or a certain number of Ability Points to use.

  • Ascension is available for fighters level 10 and beyond, unlocking new quests, bosses, and loot of exceptional quality.

🧠 Strategies for Leveling

  • Diverse Builds: Explore a variety of fighter builds to find winning strategies that suit your playstyle.

  • Equipment Strategy: Tailor your gear to your build, but consider mixing attributes for a tactical advantage. For instance, equipment that boosts Intelligence on a Strength-Based Build to enhance your chances of reveling your opponent or avoiding debuffs.

  • Community Insight: Use the Discord community to get gear recommendations and strategies.

  • FYX Gateway: Purchase various equipment from the FYX Gateway by fellow fighters, to quickly acquire equipment that best suits your build.

🎯 The Milestone of Level 10

Achieving Level 10 marks the beginning of true mastery. Beyond this threshold lies the realm of ascension paths, offering seasoned warriors richer challenges and rewards. It's not just an achievement; it's the start of your legend.

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