🌀 Purpose

Imbuing involves enhancing socketed items with Spheres, permanently augmenting their properties to suit specific needs. Facilitates highly tailored gear setups, empowering players to craft unique combinations of abilities and stats for their characters, further deepening strategic options in combat.

⚙️ Mechanic

A direct enhancement process, imbuing locks Spheres into items, making thoughtful decision-making paramount due to the permanence of these enhancements.

🎁 Value

Imbuing adds intrinsic value by allowing for the customization of items to fit specific tactical needs, enabling players to adapt their strategy based on their opponents or challenges faced. The permanence of imbuing decisions adds a strategic depth to item management, enhancing player engagement and attachment to their gear.

🎯 Player Journey

The journey to imbue items involves acquiring Spheres, either through crafting or trading, and socketed items ready for enhancement. Players must carefully consider which Spheres to imbue, as the decision is permanent and can significantly affect their combat capabilities. This feature encourages thoughtful planning and strategy, rewarding players who adeptly navigate these choices with more finely tuned and effective combat gear.

💡 Imbuing Process

  1. Select a Sphere.

  2. Confirm you want the abilities on this specific item, as this is irreversible.

  3. Imbue the item. This results in an Imbued Weapon or Armor with new abilities, attributes, and stats determined by the scroll.

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