📜 Scroll

Scrolls are specialized recipes designed for the enchanting and imbuing process in CryptoFights. Unlike Blueprints, which focus on creating physical gear, Scrolls are used to produce Spheres — magical items that bestow additional properties or enhancements to socketed equipment. These properties range from elemental damage bonuses to specific combat advantages, allowing players to significantly boost their gear's capabilities. Scrolls play a vital role in the customization and enhancement of a player's equipment, offering a pathway to fine-tune weapons and armor for optimal performance in both PvE and PvP encounters.

📚 Enchanter Scroll Examples

Scrolls NameComponents RequiredOutcomeSockets Required

Create Fiery Sphere

(10) Ancient bone (5) Infernal Horn (10) Diamond

+1 Fire damage


Create Sphere of Flame burst

(20) Ancient bone (10) Infernal horn (15) Diamond (10) Medicinal oil

+1d6 fire damage


Create Sphere of Flame Resistance

(15) Ancient bone (5) Infernal horn (10) Dragon scale (10) Diamond

+1 fire resistance


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